How To Get Shutter Count On Nikon

There are a few ways to get shutter count on your Nikon camera. One way is to use the ‘Live View’ mode and press the ‘info’ button. Another way is to use the ‘info’ button on the camera body and select ‘ shutter count’.

How to check your Nikon Actuations (Shutter Count)


Why Check Your Shutter Count?

Shutter count is the measure of how many times your camera has fired the shutter over a period of time. This information is useful for a variety of reasons, including checking that your camera is working correctly, verifying shutter speed and determining camera settings. In addition, shutter count can be used to help you determine the amount of light that is being captured by your camera.

How to Check Your Shutter Count on Nikon Cameras

  1. Open the camera’s menus and go to the “Camera Settings” tab.
  2. Scroll down to “Shutter speed (seconds)”.
  3. Look at the number next to “Shutter speed (seconds)”.
  4. That’s your shutter count.

Things to Keep in Mind When Checking Your Shutter Count

  • The shutter count is an indication of how many times the shutter has been open to capture a photo.
  • A shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second is the fastest a camera can move and still capture a photo.
  • A shutter count of 10,000 means the camera has been open 10,000 times.
  • A shutter count of 10,000,000 means the camera has been open 100,000,000 times.

How Often Should You Check Your Shutter Count?

There is no one definitive answer to this question – it depends on a variety of factors, including the type of photography you do, the camera you are using, and your personal preferences. However, here are some tips that should help you get an approximate idea of how often you should check your shutter count:

– If you are a professional photographer who relies on consistent, high-quality images, you should check your shutter count at least once every two or three shots. This will help you ensure that your camera is capturing images accurately and reliably.

– If you are a casual photographer who only takes pictures occasionally, you may not need to check your shutter count as often. However, if you are shooting in low-light conditions or during fast-paced events, it is always a good idea to check your camera’s shutter count to ensure that the images you are taking are accurate and not blurry or missed.

– Finally, if you are a beginner or occasional photographer, you may only need to check your shutter count occasionally – or not at all. Again, it depends on your own photography style and preferences.

Checking Your Shutter Count: The Bottom Line

Assuming you’re using a digital camera, the shutter count is displayed on the display screen or on the camera’s LCD screen. To check the shutter count, turn the camera on and press the shutter button halfway to activate the shutter. The shutter count should appear on the display screen or on the LCD screen. If the shutter count is not displayed, press the shutter button all the way to the stop and then press it again to display the shutter count.


If you are new to photography, or if you have been using a camera for some time but are not familiar with the shutter count, you may be wondering how to find it. The shutter count is a function of your camera that tells you how many times the shutter has been opened and closed. This number is useful for determining how long your camera has been taking pictures.

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