Which Term Best Describes How Light Interacts With A Lense

There are a few terms that describe how light interacts with a lens. The most common term is “reflection.” When light reflects off of a surface, it is sent in a new direction. Reflection happens when a surface is perpendicular to the light’s path. When light reflects off of a surface that is not perpendicular to the light’s path, it is called “transmission.” Transmission happens when a surface is not perpendicular to the light’s path, and the light is instead sent through the surface.

How Light Interacts With Substances



Refraction is the phenomenon that occurs when light waves are slowed down as they travel from one medium to another. In the case of light traveling through a lens, the waves are bent and focused in a particular direction. This is why a lens can magnify distant objects and make them appear closer.


Reflection is the act of light being reflected off of a surface. This can be done through a lense, which is a type of optical device that helps us see things far away. When light hits a surface, it is either reflected or transmitted. Reflection is when the light is reflected back towards the observer. This can happen either through the surface of the lense itself, or another surface that is close by.

Total Internal Reflection

Internal reflection is the phenomenon in which light is reflected internally within a medium. This occurs when the light encounters a boundary within the medium, such as the edge of a mirror or the surface of a lens.




When light interacts with a lens, it is scattered in all directions. This is why lenses are so important in photography – they allow light to pass through them and hit the film or sensor without being scattered in all directions.


In general, a lens is a transparent device that focuses an image of something else onto a sensor. The type of lens that is used affects how light interacts with it. In general, a lens with a large aperture allows more light to enter, while a lens with a small aperture allows less light to enter.

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