What Is The Best Cheap Lense For Nikon

There are a lot of different types of lenses available for Nikon cameras and each type of lens has its own unique features and benefits. However, not all Nikon lenses are expensive. In fact, some of the best Nikon lenses are surprisingly affordable. So if you’re looking for a good, affordable lens for your Nikon camera, here are five lenses to consider.

Best Cheap Nikon Lens in 2022 [Top 5 Budget Picks]


Best Nikon Lenses Under $0

Affordable Nikon Lenses for Beginners

If you’re just starting out with photography and are on a tight budget, you’ll want to consider some of the cheapest Nikon lenses available.

Here are a few to consider:

The Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR DX is a good all-around lens that offers good value for its price. It’s a good starter lens because it’s affordable, but offers some features that more expensive lenses do, like vibration reduction.

If you’re looking for a more specific type of lens, the Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR is a great option because it’s a zoom lens that offers both object and portrait lenses. This is a great lens for people who want to shoot a variety of subjects without having to switch lenses.

Finally, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t need a zoom lens, the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G is a great option. This lens is affordable and offers good quality for its price. It’s also a good starter lens because it’s small and easy to carry around.

Best Nikon Prime Lenses

As Nikon shooters, we all know that we can’t afford to skimp on our optics. That’s why we love prime lenses – they offer great value for your money.

Here are the five best Nikon prime lenses on the market:

1. The Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S is a fast, sharp lens that will give you great results when photographing both stills and videos.

2. The Nikon 60mm f/2.4G AF-S is a great option for street photography as it offers a fast f-stop and long focal length.

3. The Nikon 85mm f/1.8G AF-S lens is perfect for portrait photography as it offers a fast f-stop and great image quality.

4. The Nikon 135mm f/2G AF-S is perfect for photographing action and wildlife as it offers a long focal length and fast f-stop.

5. The Nikon 200mm f/2G AF-S VR is perfect for photographing distant objects and wildlife as it offers a long focal length and fast f-stop.

Best Nikon Zoom Lenses

There is no one “best” zoom lens for Nikon cameras, as the best lens for one user may not be the best lens for another. However, below are some of the best Nikon zoom lenses that are both affordable and versatile.

1) The Nikon 18-55mm AF-S DX Lens is a great value for a beginner or budget-conscious photographer. It is a basic lens that offers a wide range of zoom capabilities and is perfect for general photography and shooting video.

2) The Nikon 50mm AF-D Lens is a popular choice for photographers who want a fast, wide-angle lens for capturing photos and videos. Its lens speed and AF system make it a great option for capturing moving subjects, and its lens construction provides durability and accuracy.

3) If you are looking for a more advanced lens option, the Nikon 70-200mm AF-D VR Lens is a great choice. It offers a large zoom range (from 70mm to 200mm), a fast focal speed (2.8 seconds), and vibration reduction for added image stability. Additionally, the VR feature allows you to capture stunning images with shallow depth of field without having to use a tripod.

4) If you are looking for a powerful telephoto lens that can take stunning images of distant subjects, the Nikon 200-500mm AF-D VR Lens is a great option. Its large zoom range (from 200mm to 500mm) and fast focal speed (4

Best Nikon Lenses for Portraits

There are many different types of Nikon lenses that can be used for portraits, including telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, and prime lenses.

The best lenses for portraits depend on the type of photograph that you are intending to make. If you are shooting a posed portrait, a telephoto lens will give you a longer reach, allowing you to get closer to your subject. If you are shooting a natural portrait, a wide-angle lens will give you a wider perspective, giving you a more intimate look at your subject.

Prime lenses are the best type of lens for portraits because they are versatile and give you the best quality image. They are also the least expensive type of lens, so they are a good choice if you are on a budget.

Best Nikon Lenses for Landscape Photography

Nikon offers a wide range of lenses for landscape photography, from wide angle lenses for capturing expansive landscapes from afar, to telephoto lenses for capturing detailed details up close. Here are three of the best Nikon lenses for landscape photography:

The Nikon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR is a versatile lens that offers a wideangle perspective to capture landscapes from a distance, as well as a Telephoto perspective to capture details up close. This lens features VR (Vibration Reduction) technology to help reduce the effects of camera shake, making it a great choice for photographer who want to capture sharp and detailed images.

The Nikon 50mm f/1.8D is a popular lens for landscape photography because of its fast f/1.8 aperture, which allows for excellent image quality in low-light situations. This lens also features a retractable lens hood to help keep your lens clean and protect it from damage.

The Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR is a powerful lens that offers a range of focal lengths to capture landscapes from a distance or details up close. This lens features a vibration reduction system to help reduce the effects of camera shake, making it a great choice for photographers who want to capture sharp and detailed images.

Best Nikon Lenses for Low Light

The best lenses for low light photography are those that are wide-angle and have a f/1.4 aperture. This will let in the most light, while still providing a good level of image quality. Other features that are important for low light photography include a fast aperture and a short focal length. This will help to keep the image stable and reduce the amount of noise in the photo.


As a beginner, you might be wondering what the best cheap lens for Nikon is. In this post, we will list four of the best lenses for Nikon that are affordable and will get the job done. No matter what your budget is, one of these lenses should be a great fit for your needs.

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