What Is Af And Mf On A Canon Camera

Af and mf are two settings on a canon camera that control the amount of autofocus area (af area) and manual focus area (mf area), respectively. These settings are used to control the autofocus system in a camera.

Using AF and MF focusing on a Canon


What is AF and MF on a Canon Camera?

AF stands for automatic focus, and MF stands for manual focus. AF is an autofocus system that uses sensors to determine the distance to the subject and then sends a signal to the camera’s AF motor to drive the lens to the correct focus. MF is a manual focus system in which you use the camera’s focus wheel or joystick to position the lens at the desired focal point.

The Difference between AF and MF

AF stands for auto focus and MF stands for manual focus. AF is a feature on most digital cameras that senses the distance to the subject and uses that information to focus the lens. MF is a feature on some cameras that allows you to manually focus the lens.

Why use AF or MF?

AF (Autofocus) and MF (Manual Focus) are both manual focusing options on a Canon digital camera. AF is the more automated option and MF is the more manual option. AF will always try to automatically focus on the subject, while MF allows the photographer to manually focus the lens on the subject.

When to use AF or MF

Aperture Priority mode (AF) is used to set the aperture, while Manual Focus mode (MF) is used to set the focus.

When you press the shutter button halfway to focus, the camera sets the focus. If you are using AF, the camera will track the subject as it moves. If you are using MF, the camera will keep the subject in focus as you move it.

How to use AF or MF

When you take a photo with your Canon camera, you are using either the Auto Focus or Manual Focus modes.

The Auto Focus system uses sensors in the camera body to AF on an object and track it as it moves. The Manual Focus mode uses an optical viewfinder to magnify an area of the image frame so you can clearly see the focusing point.

In both AF and MF modes, you can use one of these buttons to lock the focus on the object:

AF-L/MF-L: Lock focus on the left side or right side of the image, respectively.

AF-C: Lock focus on the center of the image.

When you are finished taking photos, be sure to release the lock button on the back of the camera.


According to Canon’s website, “AF” stands for “Auto Focus.” “MF” stands for ” Manual Focus .”

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