What Is Ael Button On Sony Camera

Sony cameras come with a variety of buttons, depending on the model. Some common buttons include the shutter button, the ael button, and the power button.

What is AEL in about 2 minutes (Auto Exposure Lock)


What is the AEL Button on a Sony Camera?

The AEL button is located on the back of the camera near the top and is used to toggle between automatic and manual exposure. When the button is in the automatic exposure mode, the camera will adjust the exposure according to the brightness of the scene. When the button is in the manual exposure mode, the user can adjust the exposure by using the on-screen exposure tool.

What Does the AEL Button Do?

The AEL button is a button on the back of many Sony cameras that allows you to change the aperture setting. This button is also located on some cameras in the ISO button. To change the aperture, you first need to change the setting on the lens. To do this, you need to press the AF button and then use the multi selector to move the aperture ring around. Once you’ve found the aperture that you want, press the AEL button to set the aperture.

How to Use the AEL Button

The AEL button on a Sony digital camera is a camera setting that allows you to activate a special low light mode. When you press the AEL button, the camera will automatically adjust the shutter speed and ISO to create a low light photo.

If you want to use the AEL button to take a photo in a low light situation, be sure to experiment with the different shutter speeds and ISO settings to find the one that produces the best result. You may also want to try experimenting with the AEL button in combination with the Auto ISO function.

AEL Button Tips and Tricks

The AEL button on most Sony cameras is a dedicated button for AE lock. AE lock is a great way to lock in your exposure so that you don’t have to keep adjusting it while you’re shooting. To use AE lock, just press the AEL button and hold it down until your camera displays the AE lock icon (usually a green square). Then release the button and your camera will automatically keep your exposure exactly where you put it.

Troubleshooting the AEL Button

The AEL button is a button on some Sony cameras that powers up the camera’s autofocus system. It’s usually found on cameras with a hinge that can be opened from the top.

The button can sometimes malfunction, and when it does, you may not be able to use the autofocus system. The most common problem is that the button may not work at all. If the button does work, but the autofocus system doesn’t, the problem may be the camera’s autofocus system itself. If the button doesn’t work, but you think it should, the problem may be with the cable that connects the button to the camera.

If you’re having problems with the autofocus system, the first thing to do is to try to figure out what’s wrong. Try pressing and holding the button down until the camera powers up. If the button still doesn’t work, you may need to take the camera to a service center to have it diagnosed.


The ael button on a Sony camera is used to toggle between still and video modes.

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