What Does Ael Mean On Sony Camera

Sony has a few different terms associated with their cameras. One of those terms is “AE-L.” AE-L stands for “Auto Exposure Lock.” This is a function that can be used to keep the exposure of the picture constant.

What is AEL in about 2 minutes (Auto Exposure Lock)


What does AEL mean on a Sony camera?

AEL stands for Automatic Exposure Lock.

How to use AEL on a Sony camera

AEL stands for Auto Exposure Lock. This setting automatically locks the exposure when you half-press the shutter button to take a photo. This keeps the photo consistent, preventing unwanted changes in brightness and color when you move or change your position while shooting.

What are the benefits of using AEL on a Sony camera?

AEL stands for Automatic Exposure Lock. AEL is an important feature on Sony cameras because it allows you to keep the exposure the same while you move the camera around. This is especially helpful when you are shooting video. When you use AEL, the camera will keep track of the exposure and adjust it accordingly. This is great for keeping your video consistent and looking good.

How to get the most out of AEL on a Sony camera

ajel (Advanced Image Stabilizer) on Sony cameras is a very powerful tool that helps to reduce or eliminate the effects of camera shake. This can result in sharper, more accurate images.

Tips and tricks for using AEL on a Sony camera

AEL stands for Automatic Exposure Lock. This mode, found on most cameras, will keep the exposure of your picture exactly the same, regardless of the brightness of the scene in front of the camera. This is great for when you want to snap a photo of a dark object and want to maintain the same exposure, or for when you want to take a photo of a very light object and don’t want to have to manually adjust the exposure each time.


“AEL” stands for “Automatic Extended Length” on Sony cameras. This setting helps to capture more light, which can result in better photos and videos.

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