Sony’s New FR7 is the World’s First Full-Frame ILC Robotic Camera

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Sony introduced a new camera called the FR7 that combines robotics with a full-frame, interchangeable lens for capturing amazing images.

Sony says the new camera is the first in their line to provide accurate and smooth pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) robotics, enabling people to switch out lenses or use a full-frame sensor.

The company is primarily designed for use in reality shows and episodic drama. It would make life easy by letting you quickly move a camera around a chef without getting in the way.

The camera could also be used in more traditional applications for PTZ cameras, such as fixed events spaces, houses of worship, streaming events, concerts, weddings and fashion shows.

The camera supports a wide range of formats including up to 120p at 4K and high-quality 4K 60p via HDMI and SDI.

The camera will be available in November starting at $9,699. It includes a lens, and is perfect for people who want to shoot high quality videos.

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