How To Turn Flash Off Canon Camera

If you have a Canon EOS Rebel T3, T3i, T3s, or T5 camera, you might want to turn off the flash. This is useful if you’re photographing in a situation where you don’t want the flash to take the picture. To turn off the flash, follow these steps:

1. Open the camera’s menu.
2. Select the “Settings” option.
3. Select the “Custom Settings” option.
4. Under the “Flash” heading, select the “Off” option.
5. Press the OK button to finish setting the flash.

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How to Turn Off the Flash on Your Canon Camera

In Low

This Canon EOS Rebel T2i/T3i how to turn off the flash guide will show you how to turn off the flash on your Canon EOS Rebel T2i/T3i camera. This guide is applicable to all Canon EOS Rebel T2i/T3i cameras with a built-in flash.

To turn off the flash on your Canon EOS Rebel T2i/T3i camera:

1. To access the flash settings, press the menu button and then click the shooting settings icon.

2. Press the flash control button (the one with the four dots on it) to toggle the flash between On and Off.

That’s it! You’ve successfully turned off the flash on your Canon EOS Rebel T2i/T3i camera.

Light Conditions

When You Want to Preserve Battery Life

When You’re Shooting Fast

In order to turn your Canon flash off, you will first need to know the light conditions you’re shooting in. Shooting in dim light can conserve your battery life by using the built-in flash, whereas shooting in bright light will require the use of a flash unit.

To disable the flash on a Canon camera, follow these steps:

1. Open the flash unit’s menu and select Custom Function 5.

2. If the Custom Function 5 option isn’t already displayed, press the Info button and select the Custom Function 5 option.

3. Select the Disable option.

4. Press the OK button to return to the main flash menu.

5. Press the Menu button and select the Disable option again.

6. Press the OK button to return to the main camera screen.

Moving Subjects

To Avoid Disturbing Your Subjects

In Quiet or Formal Situations

When you’re shooting with a flash, it’s important to remember that it can be quite startling for people when the light hits them in the face. To avoid disturbing your subjects, you should try to move them out of the way when you’re using the flash. Alternatively, you can try to use a lowflash setting on your camera.


Disable flash on Canon camera by following these easy steps:

1. Open the camera’s menu and navigate to the “Settings” tab.
2. Under the “Camera Settings” category, find “Shooting Modes” and select it.
3. In the “Shooting Modes” screen, scroll down to “Auto Flash” and press the left/right arrow buttons to change its setting to “Off”.
4. Press the OK button to save the changes and exit the “Settings” tab.
5. Congratulations! You have now disabled flash on your Canon camera.

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