How To Sight In Nikon P 223

Nikon’s P-223 is a popular rifle for hunting small to medium game. However, if you’re new to shooting, it can be helpful to learn how to sight in your rifle. There are a few steps you can take to get your rifle’s sights adjusted and aligned so that you can make accurate shots.

Nikon p-223 sighting in ar-15


How to sight in your Nikon P

There is no one way to sight in a Nikon P 223, as the gun’s optics will vary depending on the user’s shooting style and preferences. However, following a few basic steps can help you get started.

1. First, determine your magnification. The Nikon P 223 has a variable-power optical system, so you’ll need to find out what magnification level you’re using. To do this, hold the gun at eye level and press the shutter button halfway to see the digital display read “00.” The number next to the “00” (in this example, it’s 3) indicates the magnification level. Most users start out shooting at 3x magnification, but you can adjust this as you become more comfortable with the gun.

2. Once you know your magnification, find your target. The center of your target should be at the crosshairs when the gun is sighted in. If it’s not, use the front and rear sights to adjust the point of aim.

3. Now, fire a few practice shots at the target to get a feel for the recoil and firing characteristics of the gun. Make sure to use the same magnification level and target size for every shot, so that you can get a solid accuracy reading.

4. Once you’ve got a good accuracy reading, it’s time to begin the actual sight-in process. Make sure to use the same target and magnification level for each shot, and aim for the center


There are several different ways to sight in a Nikon P223. One way is to use a standard scope and adjust the scope to match your eye relief. You then set the scope to the desired magnification and point it at an object at a distance that you can see clearly. You can then use the crosshairs to move the object until it is in the center of the crosshair. You then hold the object still and use the settings on the scope to adjust the focus.

The tools you’ll need

  1. A good quality rifle scope
  2. A good quality rifle
  3. A good quality tripod
  4. A good quality shooting rest
  5. A good quality target
  6. A good quality wind screen
  7. A good quality weatherproof bag to store all your equipment in
  8. A good quality food and drink

    The first step is to find a good quality rifle scope. You ll need something with a good magnification (x) power to allow you to see the target clearly. The higher the magnification power, the smaller the target will appear on the scope.

    Once you have your scope, the next step is to find a good quality rifle. Make sure the rifle is accurate and reliable. You don’t want to spend hours shooting at the range only to have the rifle malfunction.

    Next, you will need a good quality tripod. A good tripod will allow you to rest the rifle on it securely and keep it stable.

    Finally, you will need a good shooting rest. A shooting rest will help you to stay comfortable while shooting and make the process of sighting in the rifle much more accurate.

    Once you have all of your equipment, the next step is to find a good quality target. You will need a target that is both accurate and large enough to allow you to hit the target accurately.

    Finally, you will need a good quality wind screen. A wind screen will help to protect the scope from wind and dust

Step Adjust the windage

  1. Open the rear lens cover.
  2. Turn the windage adjustment wheel until the crosshairs on the lens are in the center of the image.
  3. Close the rear lens cover.
  4. Reset the focus to infinity.
  5. Re-adjust the windage as needed.

Step Adjust the elevation

To sight in your Nikon P223, you’ll first need to adjust the elevation. This can be done by adjusting the eyepiece, using the windage screw, or using the elevation knob on the side of the barrel. You can also use a digital level to make sure your rifle is sitting level.

Step Check your zero

Nikon P-223 first require checking zero. This means taking your gun to an authorized gunsmith to have the zero readjusted for your particular rifle. After zeroing the rifle, it is important to practice regularly with it to develop a solid shooting form.

Step align the reticle with the cross-hairs
To align the reticle with the cross-hairs, first determine the point of aim. With the rifle held in your shoulder, align the top of the front sight with the top of your target. Use the rear sight to determine the point of impact. Hold the rifle so that the barrel is pointed in a straight line toward the target.

Step zero the rifle
With the reticle aligned with the cross-hairs, center the rear sight on the target. Point the rifle barrel straight at the target and press the trigger. The rear sight should move to the left or right just slightly. If it moves more than 1/2 inch to the side, the rifle is not zeroed and the reticle must be re-aligned. Hold the rifle so that the barrel is pointing in a straight line toward the target. Center the front sight on the target and press the trigger. The front sight should move to the left or right just slightly. If it moves more than 1/2 inch to the side, the rifle is not zeroed and the reticle must be re-aligned.

Troubleshooting tips

  1. Before you even pick up your rifle, it is important to clean and lube the rifle. This will help reduce the amount of wear and tear on the rifle during the shooting process.
  2. To properly sight in your rifle, you will need to find a target at a known distance. Once you have found the target, use the following steps to sight in your rifle:

    – Set the rifle on the ground at a comfortable shooting position.
    – Place the target at the center of the target’s crosshairs.
    – Use the rifle’s elevation setting to adjust the target’s height so that it is at the same distance from your eye as the rifle’s sights are.
    – Make sure the target is at a consistent distance from your eye, and adjust the rifle’s windage if necessary.

    3. Once you have sighted in your rifle, you can begin shooting by adjusting your shot placement based on the accuracy of your shot.


If you are shooting with a Nikon p 223, you should use a plain old paper target at 50 yards and adjust your sights to match the center of the bullseye.

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