How To Sight In Nikon Bdc Scope

If you’re in the market for a quality long range rifle scope, Nikon has a great option in the BDC scopes. These scopes allow for precision shooting up to 1000 yards, and are a great choice for hunters, target shooters, and law enforcement officers. Here’s how to sight in a Nikon BDC scope:

1. Mount the scope to your rifle.
2. Find the crosshairs on the scope’s reticle and center them on a target at 100 yards.
3. Adjust the scope’s elevation and windage knobs until the crosshairs are on the target.
4. Shoot the target to verify that the scope is properly sighted in.

How To Use The Nikon BDC Reticle and SpotOn Software


Get the perfect picture every time: How to sight in your Nikon BDC scope

There are a few important steps to taking accurate sighting in your Nikon BDC scope.

The first step is to find the aiming point.

The second step is to find the target.

The third step is to find the range.

The fourth step is to find the elevation.

The fifth step is to find the windage.

Why sighting in your scope is important

A well-sighted rifle is an important factor in successful hunting. A nikon bdc scope is the perfect addition to any hunting rifle, as it offers a versatile and accurate means of shooting. While it is important to accurately sight in your scope, it is also important to take other factors into account when hunting. Firearms must be properly sighted in before they are used, but other factors such as the weather and the terrain also affect a successful hunting trip. Proper sighting in of your rifle will ensure that you hit your intended target, no matter what the circumstances.

Sighting in your scope is a process of adjusting the scope so that its crosshairs are exactly on top of a target. To do this, you must first identify the distance to the target and then use that information to calculate the necessary elevation (up or down) for the scope. To accurately sight in your scope, you should shoot several rounds at a target at different distances to fine-tune the scope’s elevation. After sighting in your scope, be sure to keep it properly adjusted, so that you can hit your target each and every time.

How to correctly sight in your Nikon BDC scope

How to Sight In a Nikon BDC Scope

If you are just getting started with Nikon’s BDC scopes, then you may be wondering how to properly sight in the scope. This article will walk you through the process of properly sighting in your scope, and explain the different types of adjustments you may need to make.

First, it is important to understand that a Nikon BDC scope is not like a traditional hunting scope. Rather than having a fixed magnification, a BDC scope can be adjusted to hold any number of different magnification levels. This allows you to use the scope for a variety of different applications, such as shootingFederal law enforcement ammunition, hitting small targets at long distances, or using it for target practice.

To properly sight in a BDC scope, you will need to make a few adjustments. The first step is to adjust the magnification level. To do this, loosen the eyeguard adjustment screw and rotate the eyepiece until the number on the eyepiece matches the magnification level you wish to use. Then, tighten the eyeguard adjustment screw.

The next step is to adjust the zero target. You do this by loosening the cross-hairs adjustment screw and rotating the cross-hairs until the cross-hairs are at the center of the target. Then, tighten the cross-hairs adjustment screw.

The final adjustment you will need to make is the windage


If you have an existing nikon bdc scope, all you need is a piece of paper and a ruler.

1. Verify the magnification of your scope.

Some scopes have a fixed magnification, which is the magnification at which the scope is initially set up. Other scopes may have a variable magnification, which means that the magnification can be adjusted.

2. Place the paper at the edge of the scope’s viewing screen so that it’s centered on the target.

3. Draw a line on the paper with the ruler at the target’s center.

4. Adjust the magnification of the scope until the crosshair is centered on the line on the paper.

5. Remove the paper and label the magnification of the scope.

Now that you have sighted in your scope, you can start shooting!


If you are considering purchasing a Nikon BDC Scope, there are a few things you should know before doing so.

First and foremost, Nikon has made it very easy to sight in your scope. After you have acquired your scope and have it mounted on your firearm, follow these simple steps:

1. Point the scope in a direction that is approximately 20 degrees above the horizon. This will ensure that the reticle is on an object at a distance that is approximately 20 yards away.

2. Center the reticle in the crosshairs.

3. Pull the trigger.

If everything was done correctly, the reticle should now move along the crosshairs. To adjust the scope, repeat the steps above, but point the scope in a different direction and center the reticle on an object at a distance of 25 yards away.

step guide to sighting in your Nikon BDC scope

  1. Mount the scope to your firearm and make sure it is level.

    2. Adjust the scope for your target distance.

    3. Adjust the scope’s windage and elevation so that the crosshairs are on the center of the target.

    4. Center the target in the scope’s window, then press the trigger.

    5. If the trigger is pulled too hard, the scope may move, resulting in inaccurate shots. Try to pull the trigger slowly and evenly to avoid this problem.

Sighting in your Nikon BDC scope: Tips and tricks

If you have never used a BDC scope before, it is important to understand how they work. A BDC scope is a type of scope that uses a bull’s-eye reticle to allow for accurate aiming in any direction. The center of the reticle is positioned at the center of the target, and the radius of the bull’s-eye is proportional to the distance to the target.

To sight in your BDC scope, first determine the range to the target. This can be done by using a rangefinder, or by simply making a guess based on how far the target appears to be. Once you know the range, use the reticle to align the crosshairs with the center of the target. Now, simply adjust the scope until the crosshairs are exactly in the center of the target.


If you’re new to shooting rifles, or just getting started with rifle shooting, a Nikon BDC scope might be a great choice for you. Nikon’s BDC scope alignment system makes it easy to get your scope’s crosshair aligned with the center of your target. Once you have your scope’s crosshair aligned with the center of your target, all you need to do is sight in the scope.

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