How To Find Shutter Count On Nikon D750

Nikon D750 digital cameras have a built-in electronic shutter that allows the camera to take one or more pictures per second. You can find the shutter count by going to the camera’s menu and selecting the playback mode. There you will see the photo number and the number of pictures that have been taken.

Download and install the Nikon Shutter Count software.

Launch the software and on the main screen, under “List of cameras”, select the D750 from the drop-down list.
On the main screen, under “Item info”, you will see the shutter count for the camera. This number will show the number of times the shutter has been open.
For a more detailed explanation of the shutter count, please see the Nikon Shutter Count software user manual.

Connect your Nikon camera to your computer.

  1. Connect your camera to your computer using the supplied USB cable.

    2. Open the Nikon Camera Manager application.

    3. In the Nikon Camera Manager application, click the shutter count icon.

    4. In the shutter count window, you will see the number of pictures that have been taken with your camera.

Launch the Nikon Shutter Count software.

Open the Nikon Shutter Count software. (Windows) Select the “Nikon D750” from the camera drop-down list. Select the “Shutter Speed” tab. The shutter speed will be displayed on the main window. The shutter speed is measured in seconds. To find the shutter count, divide the shutter speed by the number of shots taken.

Click the “Open” button and select your Nikon camera.

Press the Playback button to view all your pictures

If you want to find the number of pictures you have taken in a specific time period, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select

Pictures Taken > Time Period.

Then, under

Pictures Taken > Total (including current time), you will see the shutter count for that time period.

The software will display the shutter count for your camera.

There are three buttons on the back of the camera. The top button is the shutter button, the middle button is the ISO button, and the bottom button is the AE Lock button. You can use these buttons to take pictures.

The software that comes with your camera will tell you how many pictures you have taken. The software will also tell you how long the camera was capturing pictures for.

That’s it! You now know the shutter count for your Nikon D0.

To find the shutter count on your Nikon D750, all you need to do is look on the camera’s LCD screen. The screen will show you the current shutter speed as well as the total number of shutter cycles that have been executed so far.


A shutter count on a Nikon d750 can be determined by using the camera’s built-in exposure meter. Once the shutter count is known, the camera’s shutter speed can be calculated by dividing the shutter count by the camera’s maximum shutter speed.

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