How To Connect Canon Camera To Laptop Using Wifi

Canon cameras come with a USB cable to connect to a computer, but sometimes you may want to use the camera without connecting to a computer. You can use a WiFi connection to connect the camera to a laptop.

how to connect Canon camera to Computer using WiFi


Why connect your Canon camera to your laptop?
What you’ll need to get started
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Why connect your Canon camera to your laptop?

The answer to this question is simple: because it makes sense to do so. By connecting your camera to your laptop, you’re able to access all of the photos and videos it has taken on the go. You can also use the laptop to edit and share your photos and videos with friends and family. Plus, having your camera connected to your laptop allows you to take advantage of the Canon camera’s features, such as its autofocus and sensor.

step process
Tips for troubleshooting
Canon camera and laptop connection FAQs

  1. Make sure that the Canon camera and your laptop are both connected to the same network.

    2. Make sure that the Canon camera is turned on and connected to the internet.

    3. Make sure that the Canon camera’s WiFi settings are configured to allow connections from the computer.

    4. Open the Canon Camera application and click on the Settings tab.

    5. Under the WiFi Networks list, find the network that the Canon camera is connected to and select it.

    6. Click the Connect button.

    7. The Canon Camera application will now search for available WiFi networks and connect to the one that the laptop is connected to.

    8. Once the connection is established, the Canon Camera application will display the Camera Connected message.

    9. If the connection fails, try re-connecting the Canon camera to the network and the computer and vice versa.

    10. If the connection still fails, try to reset the Canon camera and laptop by unplugging them both for about five minutes and then reconnecting them.

    11. If the problem still persists, consult the Canon Camera and Laptop Connection FAQs.


If you’re looking to connect your canon camera to your laptop to transfer photos or videos, you can do so using wifi. Follow these simple steps:

1. Connect your canon camera to your laptop using the supplied cable.

2. Open up your wifi settings on your laptop and search for a network called “canon”.

3. Once you’ve found the canon network, enter the security code that’s displayed on your camera.

4. Once you’re connected, open up your photos or videos on your laptop and you’ll be able to see and transfer your photos and videos just as if they were on your camera’s memory card.

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