How To Change Focus Point On Canon Cameras

How To Change Focus Point On Canon Cameras

“How To Change Focus Point On Canon Cameras”. When you’re taking a picture, your camera is constantly looking through the lens and analyzing what’s in front of it. This process is called autofocus, and it lets you snap a perfect picture every time.
But there are times when you want to change the focus point on your camera, and fortunately, it’s easy to do.

Here are four steps on how to do it:

What is a focal point?

When you take a picture with your Canon camera, the camera takes several pictures simultaneously and uses the sharpest focus point to make a digital photograph.

Your camera’s autofocus system is designed to maintain focus on the subject as you move around it.
However, if you need to change the focus point,

Follow these steps:

How to change your focus point

If you’re using a Canon camera, you can easily change your focus point by using the menus. Here’s how:

  • Press and hold the shutter button halfway down to focus the camera.
  • While holding the shutter button down, use the multi-selector to scroll through the focus points options until you find “AF point tracking.”
  • Once you’ve found it, press the OK button to select it.
  • Use the multi-selector to move the AF point around until it’s in the location that you want it to be.
  • Press the OK button again to save your changes and take your photo!

If you’re using a Nikon camera, you can change your focus point by pressing the shutter button and rotating the focus ring.

How To Change Focus Point On Canon Cameras

How to Use Manual Mode

If you’re new to photography, or simply need a refresher course, manual mode on your camera can be a powerful tool.
In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to change your focus point using manual mode on a Canon camera.

First, make sure your camera is in manual mode. To do this, turn the dial to “M” on the back of the camera.

Now, you’ll want to find your focus point. To do this, use the main AF button on your camera to set your focus point. If you’re using a Canon Rebel T6i or newer camera, you can use the touch screen to select your focus point.

Once you have your focus point set, you’ll want to use the manual focus ring on your camera to adjust the focus point until it’s in sharp focus. Be sure to take note of where your focus point is so you can adjust it again if needed.

Exceptions to changing the focus point

Changing the focus point is common adjustment photographers make on their cameras. But what happens if you don’t have the same focus point selection options available on every camera?

In this article, we’ll explore some exceptions to changing the focus point, so you can get the shot you need no matter your camera’s setup.

How to take a close-up photo with a Canon camera

If you’re looking for a way to take close-up photos with your Canon camera, you can use the focus point feature. Here’s how:

  • On the screen of your camera, press the Menu button and then choose functions.
  • Select image composition.
  • Select focus point.
  • Use the cross key to select one of the six focus points (near, middle, far, eye-level, bottom-left, or bottom-right).
  • Press the shutter button to take your photo.

How To Prevent Your Canon Camera From Changing Its Focus Point Automatically

When you’re taking a picture, your camera is constantly trying to find the best focus point for the image. But sometimes it can get lost in the shuffle and end up changing its focus point without your knowledge or consent.

Here’s how to keep your Canon camera from changing its focus point automatically:

  • Look for the focus point indicator on your camera. It will usually be a small crosshair within a circle or square.
    If it’s not there, press the Menu button and selectsightedness settings. Under “Focus Point,” make sure “Auto-Focusing” is turned off. If it’s already off, turn it on by selecting “AF Area Selection.”
  • Once you’ve found the focus point indicator, keep your eye centered on it while taking pictures. If you move your eyes away from the camera while taking a picture, it will change its focus point accordingly.
  • To prevent your Canon camera from changing its focus point automatically, use manual mode whenever possible. This allows you to control every aspect of the picture’s composition, including the focus point.

Camera Modes

Our focus on camera modes will help you to change the focus point on Canon cameras. This is a great way to get different perspectives and create some stunning photographs.

You can change the focus point in different ways:

  • Auto Mode – This is the default mode and the camera will automatically adjust the focus according to the subject.
  • Manual Mode – You can use this mode to adjust the focus yourself.
  • AF-C Mode – This is a new mode that lets you continuously adjust the focus while taking photos.
  • Portrait Mode – This mode is perfect for taking portraits and will ensure that the focus is locked on to your subject.
  • Landscape Mode – This mode is ideal for landscapes and will help to capture everything in front of you.

Zooming In and Out

When taking pictures or videos with a digital camera, you may want to zoom in (or out) on certain parts of the image to get a better view. Here’s how to do it on a Canon camera:

  • Press the shutter button halfway to focus the lens on the subject you want to photograph.
  • Press and hold the button down while moving the cursor over the part of the image you want to zoom in on. The camera will zoom in on that area.
  • Release the button when you’re done zooming in.


Many of us take pictures without really considering the focal point. If you’re like me, you snap photos with your phone or camera as soon as something catches your eye. However, this approach can lead to less than stellar shots.

To take great photos all the time, it’s important to learn how to change the focus points on a Canon camera. By understanding how this works and practicing a few times, you’ll be able to snap amazing photos every time!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for new updates.

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