How To Adjust Nikon Prostaff Scope

Nikon Prostaff scopes are precision instruments that require regular adjustment to maintain accuracy. This guide will teach you how to adjust your scope to ensure accuracy and proper function.

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How to Adjust the Reticle on a Nikon Prostaff Scope

If you’re like most shooters, you probably spend a lot of time looking through your scope to get the perfect shot. With a Nikon Prostaff scope, the reticle can be adjusted to help you get that perfect shot. Here’s how to adjust the reticle on a Nikon Prostaff scope:

1. Take off the scope’s eyepiece by unscrewing it.

2. Move the reticle until you have the desired distance in focus.

3. Screw the eyepiece back on and you’re ready to shoot.

How to Adjust the Windage on a Nikon Prostaff Scope

Nikon Prostaff scopes have a series of adjustments that can be made to ensure that the shooter has the perfect sight picture. The first adjustment is to the windage, which adjusts the aiming point for the shooter. This adjustment can be made manually or through the use of a dial on the scope.

How to Adjust the Elevation on a Nikon Prostaff Scope

When mounting your Nikon Prostaff scope to your rifle, it is important to adjust the elevation to match the distance to your target. By adjusting the elevation, you can compensate for the barrel’s height and windage. This will provide a more accurate shot.

To adjust the elevation on your Nikon Prostaff scope, follow these steps:

1. Open the elevation turret.

2. Turn the elevation knob to the desired setting.

3. Close the turret.

4. Lock the elevation turret in place.

How to Adjust the Parallax on a Nikon Prostaff Scope

If you own a Nikon Prostaff scope, you may have noticed that the parallax adjustment is a bit stiff. This is because the Prostaff series of scopes are designed for use by professional hunters and snipers, who need precise targeting accuracy.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to adjust the parallax on your Prostaff scope. Follow these steps:

1. Open the scope and remove the eyepiece.

2. Locate the Parallax Adjustment Ring (PAB) at the rear of the scope.

3. Turn the PAB clockwise to increase the parallax and counterclockwise to decrease the parallax.

4. Replace the eyepiece and re-enter your target range.

Now you’re ready to shoot dead-on accuracy with your Nikon Prostaff scope!

How to Adjust the Focus on a Nikon Prostaff Scope

There are a few different ways to adjust the focus on a Nikon Prostaff scope. This guide will outline the three most common methods, but there are many other ways to adjust a scope’s focus as well.

Method 1: Turn the Objective Lens Ring

The first method of adjusting the focus on a Nikon Prostaff scope is to turn the objective lens ring. This ring is located at the front of the scope and has several knobs that you can use to adjust the focus.

To adjust the focus, first loosen the knob that is attached to the lens and turn it until the object you are trying to focus on is in the center of the screen. Then, tighten the knob and keep the focus adjusted by turning the ring until the object is sharp.


There are a few different ways to adjust your Nikon Prostaff scope, depending on your personal shooting style. Experiment until you find the adjustment that works best for you.

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